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[TRAINING] The Lean and Mean Framework to Efficiently Get 10-30 B2B SaaS Demos/Month Without Spending Fortunes on Customer Acquisition

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Creating an Irresistible Market Message

Here is the format for an irresistible message

"Helping/We Help [Specific Niche] [Solve Their Problem (And/or) Get Them to Their Desired Situation] Without [Pain Points that they Will Face Otherwise Without Using Your Platform]"

The finished statement should be positioned as the PERFECT solution for your prospect. You know exactly what they need, want, and don't like, and have crafted your SaaS product around those very things.

Here's an Example:

Specific Niche: Engineering Managers

Solve Their Problem: Standardizing Code

Their Desired Situation: Cut Lead Times in Half

Pain Points: Manually Tracking Discrepancies 

Finished Statement:

"Helping Engineering Managers Standardize Code And Cut Lead Times in Half Without Manually Tracking Discrepancies"

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"How to Create Your Irresistible Market Message"

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"How to Run and Track Outbound Campaigns to Capture the High-Ticket 3%

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Run and Track Outbound Campaigns to Capture the High-Ticket 3% and Gain First Traction

You can use LinkedIn and warm email to start, and then expand to other platforms later. Find your ideal prospects (that match your ideal client profile) and send them an outbound cadence (either manual or automated)

Click the button below to see some example LinkedIn cadences you can use as a base point. They work well right now but will probably be obsolete in 6 months, I'm just being honest with you. No worries though, we will continue to update these as needed.

You should be able to get at least a 20%-30% connection rate, and from those connected a 20%-25% reply rate minimum.

Post twice a week on LinkedIn and boost it to Authoritize

Write emotional content that people resonate with. Always start with a catchy headline that forces people to keep reading

Here's a solid place to start with your framework

Insanely attention grabbing headline

Blank space to force them to click "see more"

Drill into problem at a high level that you faced (and your software solves)

Drill into sub categories as to why that problem sucks

Iterate your thought of transition into what you need for a solution

Present the solution

Present the benefits

Closing catchy statement 

🚀 Boost the content with Lempod so the algorithm brings you more organic reach. 

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"How to Post and Boost on LinkedIn"

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Implementing a Repless Sales Process

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Completely Automate Your Entire Sales Process from Message to Closed Deal

Higher Ticket B2B SaaS typically requires you to get on the phone with prospects because of the amount of rapport you need to build. Whether it's the founder, sales rep, what have you, it's tough to scale because you're not going to close all of them, and some people will waste your time.


With a repless sales process, you can easily close high ticket SaaS offers without once getting on the phone with prospects. Here's the framework:

If you don't feel like figuring out the missing steps, no worries


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4X'd Demo Generation + Insane Messaging

Jeremy is the founder of V/One, a no-code app/SaaS builder for non-technical entrepreneurs. He also founded the V1 Accelerator , an application-only online accelerator that helps non-technical founders launch their app idea and prepare to raise.

Before meeting us, he was struggling to implement a repeatable marketing and sales machine and wanted to scale up efforts.

After working with Joe and the lead gen team, Jeremy was able to 4X his demo generation, as well as finally decide on a clear & visceral message that he uses on all of his social media channels.

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5X'd Demo Generation & 4X'd ROI

This client had built an amazing, simple to use financial management software. He was doing well, but wanted to scale up his sales and marketing efforts and take it to the next level.

We were able to craft a laser focused message that spoke to his prospects desires and pain points and iterate it through live testing with his market

Waylan Consulting Group was able to exceed his expectations and 5X'd his demo generation and 4X'd his ROI. 

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Visceral Messaging, Repeatable Sales Process and 20% Conversion Rate in 6 Weeks

Steve is the co-founder of WeWyll, a B2B SaaS/Services platform that helps companies implement life-changing volunteer outings for their employees and help their community simultaneously.

Before working with us, Steve had his app built, but didn't know how to go after and get his first few clients and partnerships.

After working with us for 6 weeks, he was able to get his messaging laser focused, document a clear sales process and achieve a 20% conversion rate. He's excited to now scale up with this system put in place. 

Some other stuff they said:

Sanchita Sur - Founder & CEO | EMPLAY

"In our second week using Waylan's Services, we received an RFP for our platform from a new prospect on one of our outbound campaigns. By the end of the first month, 7 of the demos scheduled were Fortune 500 Execs. Our pipeline is still growing daily." 


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