Founded in 2018 by Joe Petruzzi, Waylan Consulting Group has grown from being a small consultancy to being a leader in assisting some of the most innovative tech companies around the World.

A passion project turned career, Joe Petruzzi, a former control systems engineer, founded Waylan after finding himself assisting and bringing results to those in the tech industry with marketing endeavors. It didn't take long for Waylan to grow in terms of clients, leadership and success.

Three years later, still under the strong leadership of Joe Petruzzi, as well as Chief Operating Officer Will Careri, Waylan continues to be a powerhouse and valued resource for B2B SaaS and Service companies.

Expanding their services in 2021, Waylan continues to offer 1-on-1 consulting in addition to their "Outbound Mastermind" course. From humble beginnings, Waylan is now made of proven marketing innovators, ready to work with and improve the way companies grow.




Joe has a B.S in Robotics Engineering and was previously a control systems engineer at one of the leading industrial automation companies in the world.

Joe enjoyed marketing more than engineering, and naturally was always a good people person/enjoyed the soft skills. He went on to eventually quit his job and begin Waylan.

His background never left him however, as he’s a systems thinker and enjoys automating everything for the least amount of money. This allows him to dish out efficient and affordable marketing systems and messaging that acquire demos as efficiently as possible.

It’s this combination of Joe’s marketing savvy and tech knowledge that bring a huge amount of leverage to Waylan’s clients. 



Based out of Philadelphia, Will is an award-winning public relations and marketing innovator who has worked with Fortune 500s and other reputable brands all over the world.


A graduate of Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, Will also holds certifications from Harvard University.

Will’s background in both public relations and marketing makes him an invaluable asset to Waylan’s list of clientele with needs as diverse as their audiences.


It is in-part thanks to Will’s dedication and forward thinking which has propelled the success of many Waylan clients. 

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