6X'd Demo Generation in 3 Months

SQUAVA is a modern, simple, all-in-one software that helps engineering and architecture firms track and invoice projects without tedious spreadsheets


Before Waylan, David was running search ads but not any outbound campaign and didn't know where to start. They knew there was a huge opportunity with outbound tactics.

We crafted a laser-focused message, tested it on outbound, got resonance, performed multi-channel follow ups, and doubled down.

After working with us, SQUAVA 6X'd their monthly demos in 3 months and actually 8X'd their ROI.

David Thompson

Founder, SQUAVA

4X'd Demo Generation in 60 Days

V.One is a no-code app/SaaS builder for non-technical entrepreneurs.

Before Waylan, Jeremy was struggling to implement a repeatable marketing and sales machine and wanted to scale up efforts. He was relying on event, partnerships and prospects coming to him.

His done-for-you app service was a bit more higher-ticket and tougher to sell.

After working with us, Jeremy was able to 4X his demo generation in 60 days, as well as finally decide on a clear & visceral message that he uses on all of his social media channels today.

“By our second month working with Joe and his team, we had 4X'd our monthly demos and put together a clear and concise message for our potential prospects. Joe specifically really helped us narrow down our message to something very specific so we could really set ourselves apart from "competitors" and sit on our own island. I definitely recommend Joe to other B2B SaaS companies, his systems and expertise get results.”

- Jeremy Redman, Founder V.One

Jeremy Redman

Founder, V.One

20% Cold Email

Conversion Rate in 6 Weeks

WeWyll is a B2B SaaS/Services platform that helps companies implement life-changing volunteer outings for their employees and help their community simultaneously.

Before working with us, Steve had his app built, but didn't know how to go after and get his first few clients and partnerships.

We sat down together and really broke down what the reason was for his company - what was the argument for its existence?

We developed a clear message, and very clear copy for the reason of his companies offer.

After working with us, he jumped from 0% to 20% conversion rate on cold email in 6 Weeks.

“I mean from a numbers standpoint, it helped, you know, we went from basically 0% to a 20% conversion rate with that outreach we did...and a large part of what you guys helped us do, which is know and understand better our value, and be able to communicate that to the different groups (niches)…” - Steve Laddin, Founder of WeWyll

Stephen Laddin

Founder, WeWyll

344 LinkedIn Responses in 30 Days

Pristine Ledgers is a cloud bookkeeping firm based in Canada. 

Before Waylan, Walter was just using LinkedIn and his network to acquire new clients, and didn't have anything consistent or sustainable.

He already tried to position his marketing via advice he'd gotten, but was still having trouble getting the right message.

After working with us, Walter was able to get 344 responses in just 30 days from the outbound campaigns he ran. He was also able to decide on a very clear message for his two main niches that really resonated with them.

“[Waylan] was referred to me by another client who already had some great success...even in our first meeting, I already had tried to position my business and marketing language...and I was humbled with how quickly [Waylan] was able to drive home the value proposition...I think it was just that first session that we came up with our messaging and strategy...you definitely made it easy, you clearly know what you're talking about..."

Walter Bak

Practice Manager, Pristine Ledgers

334 LinkedIn Responses in 30 Days

IKAN is an enterprise software vendor focusing on making mainframes agile. 

Before Waylan, IKAN was looking for help with their marketing strategy and how to penetrate the European and U.S market.

After working with us, Rene was able to get 334 responses in just 30 days from the outbound campaigns he ran.

He's also now in discussion with 3 major players in the industry for a massive partnership opportunity on top of the leads he already generated.

He was also able to decide on a very clear message for his two main niches that really resonated with them.

[Joe] - "Rene...what do you think was the #1 biggest thing you got from our engagement...?

[Rene] - "Results, we got results...what more can you expect?

Rene De Vleeschauwer

Owner, IKAN

3X'd Demos in 60 Days;

2X'd Demos is 30 Days;

2X'd Demos in 60 Days

Three examples of Joe ramping up new campaigns for Waylan.

3X'd Demos in 60 Days -> from 9 Demos/mo to 28 Demos/mo after 60 Days. One seat


2X'd Demos in 30 Days -> from 9 Demos/mo to 20 Demos/mo after 30 Days. One Seat


2X'd Demos in 60 Days -> from 9 Demos/mo to 22 Demos/mo after 60 Days. One Seat

All three campaigns had a brand new message being tested on a new audience

Joe Petruzzi

CEO & Principal, 

Waylan CG

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