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Example of Using Excruciating Detail in an Outbound Cadence

We've all gotten an email like this:

"Good Evening Good sir,

I am writing to you because I want you to buy my service and I know you'll probably like it.

We've helped people nothing like you achieve things you don't care about.

15-min call in order?"

^That is the kind of stuff people are sending out to prospects. And they wonder why they're conversion is so low.

In this video I show you an example of a very detailed automated cadence that achieves a 6% conversion rate.

If you want to see the full document of the sequence, you can click here

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Here’s a bit of our track record:

[SQUAVA] - 6X'd Monthly Demos in 90 Days

[V.One] - 4X'd Monthly Demos in 60 Days

[WeWyll] - From 0% to 20% Cold Email Conversion Rate in 6 Weeks

[Waylan] - 3X'd & 2X'd Monthly Demos in 60 Days Respectively

Our clients have been featured on TechCrunch, Yahoo and

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