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Hater Conversion Rates for Outbound Marketing

Hey guys, in this video I wanted to go over hater conversion rates lol.

It may sound funny, but it's essentially the math behind your haters appearing on your campaign and the weight they should bring to your marketing decisions.

Essentially, when you send outbound messages (direct messages/manual outreach to your prospects) the people that reply back to you will be in 3 main camps.

#1 Haters (0%-3%) - People who not only don't want your product, they don't like you for the simple reason you're even reaching out to them. They're disgusted

#2 Neutral (95%+) - People who are a bad fit, or in a bad time to buy your product, and simply let you know that (no thanks, no interested, etc.)

#3 Interested (2%-5%) - People who want to learn more, and positively reply (let's set up a call, send me more info, etc.)

So what people NORMALLY do is they group #1 Haters and #2 Neutrals together into one category. This ends up equating to 95%+3% = 98% worst case.

And they consider this whole category Haters, simply because they weren't interested.

So when they hear "2%-5% conversion rate" they're terrified to try it out because of their fear of being hated or having a bad reputation by the remaining prospects.

This is simply not true. 95% of people are NEUTRAL, they aren't mad at you, they just are not interested, and their replies can give you great feedback about your messaging and its potency.

But here's the big kicker...

The people that are hating you for sending them a message in the first place have a personality issue. It takes a specific type of person to do that.

Think about it!

To waste your valuable time out of your own day to make sure someone understands what they're doing is annoying you, and to make them feel lower about themselves and apply an overarching judgement that "what they did is not right" is insanity.

Outbound does not harm anyone, it's annoying at best lol.

So with all of this in mind:

Who cares what the haters think?

The Haters are simply prospects in the interested column or neutral column who have a thorn in their foot.

Now I'd like to note:

If you're getting a 5%-20%+ Hate rate, your message might be inappropriate or unprofessional, so I want to set the record straight, I do not support unprofessional messages.

However, 99.9% of outbound messages are not like this, they're at minimum, semi-professional and appropriate.

But at the end of the day, there will always be haters. Listen to the neutrals and the interested people and you'll be able to make some great decisions about your campaign performance.

If you're tired of being a slave to the fear of angry people's approval of you, and want to finally profitably land demos for your B2B SaaS

Watch our training thesis here:


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