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How Pristine Ledgers Got 344 Leads in 30 Days with an 8.7% Booking Rate & 0 SDRs

Pristine Ledgers is a cloud bookkeeping firm based in Canada.

Before Waylan, Walter was just using LinkedIn and his network to acquire new clients, and didn't have anything consistent or sustainable.

He already tried to position his marketing via advice he'd gotten, but was still having trouble getting the right message.

After working with us, Walter was able to get 344 responses in just 30 days from the outbound campaigns he ran. He was also able to decide on a very clear message for his two main niches that really resonated with them.

“[Waylan] was referred to me by another client who already had some great success...even in our first meeting, I already had tried to position my business and marketing language...and I was humbled with how quickly [Waylan] was able to drive home the value proposition...I think it was just that first session that we came up with our messaging and definitely made it easy, you clearly know what you're talking about..."

If you need help landing 30+ Demos/month/seat through outbound, apply to work with us here:

If you're not sure, you can watch our in-depth thesis video here (49 minutes of heat):


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