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How WeWyll Went from 0% to 20% Cold Email Conversion Rate in 6 Weeks

WeWyll is a B2B SaaS/Services platform that helps companies implement life-changing volunteer outings for their employees and help their community simultaneously.

Before working with us, Steve had his app built, but didn't know how to go after and get his first few clients and partnerships.

We sat down together and really broke down what the reason was for his company - what was the argument for its existence?

We developed a clear message, and very clear copy for the reason of his companies offer.

After working with us, he jumped from 0% to 20% conversion rate on cold email in 6 Weeks.

“I mean from a numbers standpoint, it helped, you know, we went from basically 0% to a 20% conversion rate with that outreach we did...and a large part of what you guys helped us do, which is know and understand better our value, and be able to communicate that to the different groups (niches)…” - Steve Laddin, Founder of WeWyll

If you need help landing 30+ Demos/month/seat through outbound, apply to work with us here:

If you're not sure, you can watch our in-depth thesis video here (49 minutes of heat):

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