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Outbound Is Better Than Inbound. Change My Mind

Outbound > Inbound

Oh man, I just made a lot of people mad ;)

In this video I explain why, although inbound and outbound marketing both have almost equal pros and cons...

Outbound does have ONE thing up its sleeve that conquers inbound for my B2B SaaS friends out there.

Here's just some of our track record making outbound work for our clients:

[SQUAVA] - 6X'd Demo Generation in 3 Months

[V.One] - 4X'd Demo Generation in 60 Days

[Pristine Ledgers] - 344 Responses in 30 Days

[WeWyll] - 0% to 20% Conversion Rate in 6 Weeks

[Waylan] - 3X'd Demos in 60 Days, 2X'd Demos in 30 Days, and 2X'd Demos in 60 Days

If you want to do better than a 0% conversion rate on outbound, check out our thesis here:


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