What kind of results can I expect?

4X Monthly Demos in 3 Months or less and typically a 2X-3X ROI

Do you guys have a guarantee?

No, nobody can garantuee anything. There's nothing more for me to say, check out the case studies, watch our videos and make your decision, you gotta trust us ;)

Isn’t this spamming?

100%. Spamming is not bad, unjust or unprofessional. This is a massive misunderstanding. If your product really changes someone's day-to-day, you’ll carve through 95 people who aren't ready to buy it yet for 5 people who genuinely could get value from it. There’s no reason to pigeonhole yourself into burning money on ads, time on blogging, or events and partnerships and wasting time from your family because you’re AFRAID of Greg thinking that your spammy. Greg doesn't matter, your new clients matter.

What if I’m not a SaaS?

This isn’t just for SaaS, it works for any higher-ticket service or software. The only thing you need to have is a truly unique product or service, some happy customers and a competitive advantage.

We’re already a big company and are getting clients. Why do I need this?

Every B2B company that has an addressable market on LinkedIn or email (all of you) should have outbound as one of your arms of marketing. Even huge successful companies trying to make quota use outbound, and some can attribute a large portion of their revenue from its source, it’s just SO profitable. You just need to do it right.

How much does this cost?

⅓->½ of what you’d usually pay for all of the softwares, consulting, agency help, iterations, automations, copywriting that are required for this to work. Not to mention the SDR you're hiring now because you have no other options.

Do you guys host all of the software seats? Or do we have to pay for them?

It’s up to you. We always offer one seat per software under our bill included (Linkedin automation, email automation, lead sourcing, etc.). Some clients prefer to have the control of being under their own roof, and that’s okay too.

Does this work for B2C SaaS?

This only works profitably with a SaaS charging $250/mo+, so B2C SaaS is typically too cheap to make this model work profitably.

How much time does my team and I need to allocate to this if we worked together?

We need someone from your team on the weekly calls, and we need someone to be replying to your prospects on LinkedIn/email etc. How fast your team responds can vary, but we recommend at least checking in on messages once or twice a day.

Why wouldn’t you just run ads or write content instead of running outbound?

Efficiency, affordability, and speed

Are there any long term contracts?

Our minimum engagement is 2 Months.

Do you guys offer calls if I’m outside the U.S?

Yes, our consulting calls are fairly flexible, and our unlimited offline support typically makes up for any missed calls anyway.

How do I know you guys are legit?

Our case studies.

What do I need to get started?

Basic LinkedIn account, and an email with a similar but unique domain from your software so you can burn it.

Do we work on the messaging together?

We collaborate on what your company is aiming to do/why you exist, and then our team constructs the sales argument, copy, sequence, and strategy for you.


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