What kind of results can I expect?

4X-6X Your Current Monthly Demos in 3 Months or less, as well as 30%-60% Close Rates.

Do you guys have a guarantee?

Yes, we have an action based, 30-day money-back guarantee

I HATE when people try to sell me stuff on LinkedIn and email, and because of that, that must mean that this system does not work at all, and I'm going to piss everyone off if I try. Am I correct?

No you're not correct If your product really changes someone's day-to-day, you’ll carve through 95 people who aren't ready to buy it yet for 5 people who genuinely could get value from it. There’s no reason to pigeonhole yourself into burning money on ads, time on blogging, or events and partnerships and wasting time from your family because you’re AFRAID of Greg thinking that your spammy. Greg doesn't matter, your new clients matter.

What if I’m not a SaaS?

This isn’t just for SaaS, it works for any higher-ticket service or software. The only thing you need to have is a truly unique product or service, some happy customers and a competitive advantage.

We’re already a big company and are getting clients. Why do I need this?

Every B2B company that has an addressable market on LinkedIn or email (all of you) should have outbound as one of your arms of marketing. Even huge successful companies trying to make quota use outbound, and some can attribute a large portion of their revenue from its source, it’s just SO profitable. You just need to do it right.

How much does this cost?

⅓->½ of what you’d usually pay for all of the softwares, consulting, agency help, iterations, automations, copywriting that are required for this to work. Not to mention the SDR you're hiring now because you have no other options.

Does this work for B2C SaaS?

This only works profitably with a SaaS charging $250/mo+, so B2C SaaS is typically too cheap to make this model work profitably.

How much time does my team and I need to allocate to this?

You or your team would only have to spend on average 3-8 hours/week on ourr program. Some sections of our program are more intensive than others. If you commit less time, it's okay, just know that your results may take longer.

Why wouldn’t you just run ads or write content instead of running outbound?

Efficiency, affordability, and speed

How do I know you guys are legit?

Our case studies. Our results are MORE than enough to "try" our program (we've got a guarantee dude)

What do I need to get started?

Basic LinkedIn account, and an email with a similar but unique domain from your software so you can burn it if needed.

How long is the program, and how long until I see results?

Our program is 7 weeks, and you should be booking calls by the 2nd or 3rd week. That being said, you have access to our program and everything included with it for 1 year, just in case life happens ;)

Do I need the specific softwares that you recommend to run your system?

No, we just recommend them. We only use, and only recomend, the BEST software for the job required at each stage of the funnel. If you are already running a software that does that same duty, you can use it, just ensure that it provides the same triggers, integrations, reliability, performance, and efficiency.

Do you guys help at all with making our content/copywriting?

Our private support that is included in our program allows you to submit content, copy, and questions to our team directly. This enables us to send back written feedback, examples, as well as custom Loom videos to ensure you're getting the support you need. We want you to win, not lose, that's our JOB! :)

Do you show me how to use all of these softwares?

Yes, in our program, we show you ONLY how to use the specific functions we need in each software, that way your funnel can be up and running quick, and we don't waste time telling you how to change font settings ;)

Why don't you still offer done-for-you services?

Our company used to be a Done-For-You Agency specializing in Outbound Marketing. After a certain point, the results we were getting for our clients began to strain because of our growth, and we were unable to keep up the same performance for everyone. Choice #1: Find someone like Joe Petruzzi to help with the content, copywriting, funnels building, and consulting -> Couldn't do it Choice #2: Clone Joe -> Technology unavailable Choice #3: Install all of Joe's expertise into a program that can help thousands of people at once, and STILL provide 1:1 support for all of our clients to ensure they get the same results our other clients get. -> Sounds like a plan

Does your program help us with selling too? Or just lead generation?

Yes, Matt Wolach, a Sales Wizard, has an entire set of training in our program about getting 30%-60% close rates using his perfect D.E.A.L process.

How much do the softwares cost? (LinkedIn tools, Email tools, etc.)?

The NECCESSARY, bare bones cost is as follows: Apollo: $99/mo (at time of writing this) Expandi: $70/mo (with custom coupon code) Lemlist:; $49/mo Zapier: $25/mo Airtable: Free to start, dirt cheap as you grow Neverbounce: $3-$7/mo (based on usage) Which is $250/mo If you're running the advanced funnel (later in the program), the cost would be this: Apollo: $99/mo (at time of writing this) Expandi: $70/mo (with custom coupon code) Lemlist:; $49/mo Zapier: $25/mo Airtable: Free to start, dirt cheap as you grow Neverbounce: $3-$7/mo (based on usage) Hyperise: $50/mo VideoAsk: $30/mo Which is $330/mo Additionaly, you can use softwares that you are already running, you just need to ensure that they have the same functionality that the one's we recommend have. You should be able to get at least a 10X ROI on outbound software cost by closing ONE sale. If you don't, you're not a good fit for this program.

I don't have a lot of time to do all of this, am I/my team doing everything?

You, as a founder, cannot avoid making sales letters, crafting a razor sharp message, validating and scaling outreach, or closing at 30%-60% if you want to run a lean show. You will lose in the end. You CAN'T sub this out, external companies/agencies don't care about your companies growth, they care about their retainer. By simply using our frameworks and templates, we enable you to whip through all of these neccessary steps fast, without wasting time, so your company is an in-house monster with everything they need to scale to the moon.

We have multiple niches, can we use this system for multiple niches at the same time?

Absolutely, you can just clone campaigns for different niches with different messages. To avoid "shiny object syndrome", we DO recomend conquering ONE niche first, and then scaling to other ones after. This ensure FAST results.