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How Boostopia Landed 64 Opportunities in 60 Days

Video Interview here:

Boostopia is an amazing software company that helps support managers and operations teams manage their departments and boost CX.

Before, Justin was running cold outreach but had little success. He had referrals coming in but nothing repeatable and scalable.

We collaborated and crafted a funny and convincing LinkedIn + Email sequence to generate 64 opportunities in 60 days.

Stats for the cold email were 81% open rate and a 6% conversion rate.

"Instead of some generalist entrepreneur trying to figure everything out...we had someone (Waylan's program) that DOES this...for so many different companies and on day 1 say "Here are the playbooks, these are the strategies, let's do it immediately."

- Justin Winter, CEO of Boostopia

If you need help landing 30+ Demos/month/seat through outbound, apply here:

If you're not sure, you can watch our in-depth thesis video here (49 minutes of heat):


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