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How IKAN Got 334 Leads in 30 Days with a 5.6% Booking Rate & 0 SDRs

IKAN is an enterprise software vendor focusing on making mainframes agile.

Before Waylan, IKAN was looking for help with their marketing strategy and how to penetrate the European and U.S market.

After working with us, Rene was able to get 334 responses in just 30 days from the outbound campaigns he ran.

He's also now in discussion with 3 major players in the industry for a massive partnership opportunity on top of the leads he already generated.

He was also able to decide on a very clear message for his two main niches that really resonated with them.

[Joe] - "Rene...what do you think was the #1 biggest thing you got from our engagement...?

[Rene] - "Results, we got results...what more can you expect?"

If you need help landing 30+ Demos/month/seat through outbound, apply to work with us here:

If you're not sure, you can watch our in-depth thesis video here (49 minutes of heat):


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